LM Express is here to help you get to your next sporting event.

While finding a car park at a sporting event remains a large challenge, a private bus shuttle service acts as popular alternative, especially when travelling in big groups. It is our aim to get you (and the rest of your group) to the destination safely and on time.


Our highly personalised service is available to all those located in Sydney and other close by suburbs.

No matter where you are located and where the sporting event is taking place, LM Express’s door to door service will mean you arrive on time (and hopefully pumped up for the sporting spectacle you are about to witness).

Our service is highly customisable and can be easily adapted to meet your specific needs.

We are even happy to pick you up after the event has finished and drop you wherever you would like to go next, may that be your home or a restaurant, etc. No matter the size of your group, we will have the appropriate vehicle to get you where you need to go.

ll our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology meaning you and your party can jam out to your favourite tunes while en route to the sporting arena.

Our service is great for all those attending sporting events like football, cricket, tennis, rugby and more!

All our drivers have experience in transporting customers to the Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney Showground Stadium and Sydney Football Stadium, just to name a few.

Our drivers are capable in dealing with the increase in traffic that will occur as the vehicle gets closer to the destination.
sporting event shuttle service

Are you ready to arrive at the sporting event pumped up and most importantly on time?

LM Express can easily provide you and members of your party with the most economical, safe and convenient transportation possible.

Want to understand the LM Express difference for yourself?

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